Beity Ltd Seeks Approval for Expansion in New Markets

Flour developed an excess of demand in recent years. Beity Ltd needs further expansion in these countries to meet the excessive demand and gather more market share.

The Executive Director of Beity Ltd, met the board of GCG Capital LLC in November 2020. The main agenda was to discuss possible expansion in the new markets of France, Qatar, and India. He is hopeful of getting the board approval for a new establishment of 3 new flour mills, with an excess production capacity of 500 tonnes per day to coop with the demand given.

GCG Capital Approves Financial Statements of Beity Ltd.

In a meeting held in June, 2020, the board of GCG Capital approved the financial statements of Beity Ltd. The statements were certified using a Chartered Accounting firm Raffingers LLP.

The financial statements showed that Beity Ltd yielded more than four million British pounds in its accounts. Thus, GCG Capital approved all the financial statements of Beity Ltd till May 2020. Beity Ltd is committed to outperforming its rivals in its business, and for the same reason, the company is in profit.

GCG Capital Is Operating with Less Capacity In COVID-19

From the start of COVID-19, businesses are having hard times in terms of attendance in the office. GCG Capital is lucky to have one of the most skilled workforce. Our staff is committed to reaching the firm at new heights with a lot of hard work.

The employees are coming to their offices and working hard for the success of the firm. GCG hasn’t fired any employees because they are our real assets, and we value every employee. The company has recently pumped amount to cover the expenses of our employees who have any financial issues.

GCG Capital Approves Fund for Beity Ltd in London, UK

Beity Limited is performing the best in London, UK. The company is getting a lot of business from the kingdom as well as neighbourhood countries. For this reason, Beity Limited needs a separate branch in Sweden. The logistics branch will manage logistics services in the Swedish region.

In December 2019, the board of GCG Capital approved the fund for its UK subsidiary company, Beity Ltd. Beity Ltd will use this fund to make a branch in Sweden. The new branch is said to improve the logistics performance of Beity Ltd in the region. It is also said to improve the profitability of the company in the
long run.

Bloomberg’s acknowledgement

Bloomberg shares placed for reputable companies through its working channels. GCG Capital LLC secures it’s position at Bloomberg’s channels:

GCG Public Plans to Expand in European Market by Solar Energy Production in Seville, Spain

Suburbs of Seville in Spain are well known for solar energy production. The area came under headlines after PS10 Solar Power Plant. It was the world’s first commercial solar power tower. The core reason is that Seville receives the best sunlight in the region.

In March 2019, the board of GCG Capital started a discussion with GNZ LLC. The basic motive was to figure out ways to expand in the European market. GCG Capital is interested in expanding in the European market by operating four solar power plants worth 50 MW each in the suburbs of Seville,

GCG Capital Approved A Fund Of $290 Million for Acquisition

GCG Capital has excessive funds available that it uses to approve mergers and acquisitions. In Sept 2018, the board approved a fund of $290 million. The basic purpose for the fund approval was to allow its subsidiary to expansion.

GCG Capital allocated this fund to its subsidiary company, GNZ LLC – Energy, which will use this fund to acquire Simav Enerji of Turkey. After the acquisition, it will establish a 70 MWe geothermal energy plant.

GCG Board Accepted 24 million Euros acquisition for Beity Limited Acquisition

In the fall of 2017, the board of GCG approved the acquisition for Beity Limited. The acquisition took place in November 2017 against a sim of 24 million Euros.

The acquisition took place in Zaragoza, Spain. It was a merger of a flour mill that has a production capacity of around 450 tons per day. The board of GCG believes that this merger will open new ways of success for Beity Ltd.

Geothermal Energy “Great Potential” for Comoros

Comoros is pretty much dependent on diesel for its energy consumption. However, the country is now helpful that it can get much from its volcanic archipelago and will meet all its energy demands without diesel.

The latest advancement came on June 4, 2010 when two foreign companies agreed to explore the research and invest in the geothermal infra of the country. Led by Aussie based SKM and Kiwi based company GNZ Energy; Comoros is hopeful to meet all its energy demands locally.

GCG Capital LLC and its four companies

GCG Capital LLC and its four companies

GCG Capital LLC is based in Delaware, US, and is an organization with diverse openings. Founded back in 2002, the company adopted quality and best service as its core principles.

Currently, it owns four companies. The details of which are as follows: